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Program Management Contracting
Many projects are of such complexity and size that client organizations are challenged to provide the resources, experienced staff, and project management systems to effectively manage them.
•  Program Management Contracting (PMC) is furnishing project management services as an extension of or in supplement to the client’s organization.
•  Some clients like to integrate the PMC contractor into their project organization at an early stage, while strategy and benchmarking are being developed and then move on to a phase when the PMC becomes independent of the client organization and manages the various project contracts.

Program Management
Providing complete program management and technical support services
• Manage all program activities on client’s behalf
• Protect client interests and accomplish client goals in a cost effective manner
Key success factors
• Wide ranging project experience
• Partnership with client
• Teamwork
• Management systems
• Project control systems
• Extensive resources
• Worldwide capability
• Engineering, procurement, construction management

PMC Experience
WorleyParsons is industry leader in PMC projects.
Over 50 major PMC projects since 1980
• TIC >$100 billion
Not a new business for WorleyParsons
• A core business for over 34 years.
Proximity to and experience with all applicable licensors and contractors.
Strong, seasoned PMC personnel available.

Our PMC Differentiators
We have several hundred personnel on current PMC assignments, including project managers, cost/scheduling/estimating staff, discipline engineers, contract administrators, buyers, support, and construction management personnel.
With a global staff of over 35,000 personnel, our company has the resources to staff any PMC assignment with its own employees, who will have directly relevant experience.
We are a major EPCM contractor, and maintain current data on subcontracting, and equipment and materials prices, as a part of its normal operations in a competitive market.
We have integrated our cost, schedule, and project management tools into a unified set of PMC tools.
We have a successful track record of managing crude oil, gas treating, pipeline, refining, chemicals & polymer, and power projects.

International LSTK Contractors Under WorleyParsons Program Management

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PMC Project Profiles

Saudi Aramco East Coast Refinery Project
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PMC, E, CM
Project cost: US $8 billion
Grassroots units:
• 400-MBOD crude distillation unit
• 210-MBOD vacuum distillation unit
• 120-MBOD visbreaker crude unit
• 20-MBOD isomerization unit
• 50-MBOD continuous catalyst regenerator
• 90-MBOD diesel hydrotreater
• 30-MMSCFD hydrogen plant
• 185-TPD (two trains) sulfur recovery unit
• 820-GPM amine regeneration unit
• 225-GPM sour water stripper
• Related utilities, controls, inter-connections with existing facilities, flares, and tankage

Heavy Crude Processing and Expansion Project
Client: Sinclair
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Services: FEED, PM, CM
Project cost: US $1.2 billion
Includes the following grassroots units:
• 40,000 BPD hydrocracker
• 115,000 BPD crude unit and naphtha splitter
• 82 MMSCFD hydrogen plant
• 30,000 BPD delayed coker
• Three 150 TPD sulphur units
Other facilities include:
• Revamp of the diesel HTU
• New C3/C4 splitter
• Naphtha coker diolefin treater/splitter
• New control room for new units
• Wastewater treatment modifications

Jubail Chevron Phillips (JCP) Petrochemical Complex
Client: Chevron Phillips
Location: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PM, CM

Project cost: US $1 billion
New feed separation, propylene,
• Ethylbenzene & styrene units plus
• By-product motor gasoline blend stock
Feed and product pipelines
Power and seawater supply
Offplot marine terminal facilities, port infrastructure, and benzene debottlenecking
National Chevron Phillips (NCP) Petrochemical Complex
Client: Chevron Phillips
Location: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PMC
Project cost: US $3.3 billion
World-scale ethylene plant
Two high density polyethylene plants
Polypropylene plant
1-Hexene plant
Polystyrene plant
Bagging and packaging system
Cogeneration power plant
Ma’aden Phosphate Project
Client: Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden)
Location: Saudi Arabia
Services: Engineering and PMC
Project cost: US $7 billion
Greenfield development of phosphate mine and beneficiation plant at Al-Jalamid in Northern Saudi Arabia
Chemicals complex, town site, and related infrastructure at Raz Az Zawr on the East Coast of the Kingdom
When completed, Ma’aden will be the largest integrated fertilizer plant in the world, producing some 3Mtpa of DAP
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Offshore Saudi Arabia
Services: Engineering and PMC
Project cost: US $3.5 billion since 2003
Facilities include:
• 43 new platforms
• 85 platform upgrade
• 163 km pipelines
• 97 km submarine power cables
• 5 cranes
• over 300 well hook-ups
Engineering Saudi Aramco’s first offshore gas production facilities at Karan
Initiated wellhead standardization designs for topsides and jackets to reduce
project delivery schedules
Polypropylene Expansion Project
Client: Saudi European Petrochemical Company (Ibn Zahr)
Location: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Services: EPCM, PMC
Project cost: US $400 million
320 MTPY polypropylene expansion
Produces polypropylene homopolymers and polypropylene random copolymer grades
Unipol technology
Scope included offsites and utilities and tie-ins to existing PP-I and central facilities plants
Shaybah Development Program
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Shaybah, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PM, CM
Project cost: US $1.5 billion
Stabilization of 600 MBPD of crude
Gas and water reinjection facilities
Water wells and treating facilities
650 km access road
600 km, 48-inch pipeline (600 MBPD)
Infrastructure for 700 permanent residents
Oil field services support facilities
Southern Area Oil & Gas Plants
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, EPCM, PMC
Project cost: US $3 billion
Five 333 MBPD gas/oil separation plants (GOSPs)
High-pressure water injection
Seawater treatment
Team of 250 professionals remotely located
Successfully accelerated start-up 9 months earlier than planned
Hawiyah Gas Development
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Hawiyah, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PM, CM
Project cost: US $1.9 billion
1.6 BSCFD grass roots gas plant (expandable to 2.4 BSCFD)
220,000 BPD condensate
Gas dehydration
H2S removal/sulfur recovery
800 km of pipelines
Khuff Gas Program
Client: Saudi Aramco
Location: Uthmaniyah, Ain Dar and Shedgum; Hawiyah; and Haradh, Saudi Arabia
Services: FEED, PM for Detailed Engineering, CM
Located in Southern producing area
128 gas well tie-in systems
Flowlines to remote production headers
Production trunklines
Two (2) gas transmission lines and manifold facilities
Standardized approach used for pipe, valves, and fittings to procure for multiple projects in advance
Kemya Petrochemical Complex
Client: Al Jubail Petrochemical Company (Kemya)
Location: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Services: E, P, CM (LLDPE, OSBL) Integrated PM (all other)
Project cost: $800 million
Expand linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) facilities from 590 to 800 kTPA
Add to and expand existing infrastructure, utility, and other OSBL facilities
Grass roots 215 kTPA low density polyethylene (LDPE) plant
Grass roots 700 kTPA gas feed ethylene plant
Add advanced computer control system to existing plant control center and new ethylene plant control center
Orimulsion Plant and Facilities
Client: Orifuels Sinoven SA
Location: Venezuela
Services: FEED, Program Management
Project Cost: US $880 million
Facilities located at Jose and Morichal:
• 120,000 BPD extra heavy crude oil production facilities
• Crude desalting
• Diluents blending
• Pipeline
• Utilities
• Infrastructure
• 220,000 BPD orimulsion production facilit
Mesaieed Refinery Expansion
Client: Qatar Petroleum (originally NODCO)
Location: Dohar, Qatar
Services: FEED, IPMT
Project cost: US $750 million
Refinery expansion (50,000 to 70,000 BPD)
Fourteen new units
Revamp nine existing units
New refinery export facilities and marine jetty facilities
Offsites, pipelines, and pumping facilities
DCS modernization
PEMEX Madero and Tula Refinery Expansion Projects
Client: PEMEX
Location: Mexico
Services: Program Management
Project cost: US $1.3 billion
IPMT with Parmetek
JV with local and USA firm
130 professionals on PMC Team
3 year program
Optimum use and integration of Mexican firms and professionals
Units include:
• Crude and vacuum units
• Delayed coking
• Fractionator revamp
• Butane isomerization
• Middle distillate desulfurization
• Alkylation
• Hydrogen plant
• Naphtha reforming
• Amine regeneration
• Fuel oil desulfurization
• Sulfur recovery
• Sour water treater
• Turbine generators
• Substations
• Cooling towers
• Steam boilers
• Offsites
Barrancabermeja Refinery Expansion
Client: Ecopetrol S.A.
Location: Colombia
Services: Front-end loading (FEL)/FEED/PMC
Project cost: US $400 million
Sulfur content reduction project for diesels and gasolines by mid 2008
Refinery modifications include new facilities for diesel and gasoline
Hydrotreatment, new hydrogen production facilities, and new sulfur management system
Scope of work includes:
• Development of ±10% estimate
• Assistance with development of contracting strategies for the execution of engineering, procurement, and    construction (EPC)
• PMC services
World-Scale Olefins and Polyolefins Complex
Client: Borouge (ADNOC - Borealis JV)
Location: Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Services: PMC
Project cost: US $1.4 billion
Ethylene unit
Two low density polyethylene units
Container loading terminal
Ship loading facilities
Truck loading facilities
Warehousing and storage
Offsites and utilities
Kuwait Oil & Gas Facilities Restoration/Upgrade
Client: Kuwait Oil Company
Location: Kuwait
Services: PM & CM
Project cost: US $4.5 billion
Program management services for the restoration and upgrade of oil and gas production facilities
Grass roots gathering centers (190,000 BOPD/100 MMSCFD, 220,000 BOPD/170 MMSCFD and 250,000 BOPD)
Gas lift (10 & 5 MMSCFD)
Crude oil pipelines (64 km 36”)
Central seawater injection (500,000 BWPD)

WP’s PMC portfolio:41 project for $52bn TIC since 1993