Sulphur Recovery Technology

WorleyParsons is a recognized world leader in sulphur management and technologies for all efficiencies and capacity ranges. We have designed over 600 sulphur recovery plants worldwide using in house technologies and those of alliance partners and offer a complete range of sulphur recovery, including standard and oxygen-enriched Claus technology, tail gas treating technology and sulphur degassing and are able to meet the most stringent environmental standards.
The Industry
WorleyParsons has the knowledge and experience to successfully overcome the challenges currently facing the Sulphur industry, including environmental protection, sulphur removal, smelter off gas cleaning, sulphuric acid production, and safe sulphur handling and storage.
Sulphur related design and technology have long been core services in which WorleyParsons is recognized as a world leader for large and small projects. Our expertise has been built up over many years providing a unique total sulphur management capability. WorleyParsons understands what it takes to create and implement a successful development and our team of global sulphur specialists provide quality expertise in technology selection, design, integration, operations and support. 
WorleyParsons has a dedicated team of Select specialists that reviews project requirements and studies feasible options given considerations to recovery and emission requirements, capacity limitations, plot space, and power and control integration. This analysis increases our customers’ confidence that proposed solutions will provide the highest reliability and flexibility possible, while achieving greater processing capability, unit efficiency and maximum on-stream time.
The delivered technology is supported from the commencement of the Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) to execution and throughout the operational life of the asset. WorleyParsons’ localized capabilities, supported by a comprehensive global network of experience, provides customers with ongoing technical support and access to deep sulphur expertise around the world.
WorleyParsons offers the following types of technologies:

Over 50 years of experience
• More than 400 sulphur plants worldwide
• More than 40 BSCFD of Gas Treating Capacity designed and installed worldwide
• 90% of the UK Gas is processed in a Parsons E&C designed plant
Sulphur Recovery with the Claus Process
2H2 S + SO2 3S + 2H2 O
Claus Processes

Basic Claus Process

Acid Gas Contaminants
CO2 is often present as a diluent leading to lean Acid Gas which can result in poor contaminant destruction due to low combustion temperatures.
Contaminants can be:
    Heavy Hydrocarbons
    Benzene, Toluene, Xylene
Flame instability occurs below 1000ºC
Ammonia Destruction Claus  Based on a WorleyParsons patent

Effect of Composition On Claus Units

Increasing the Combustion Temperature

Selectox Process

Recycle Selectox Process

Other Claus Processes
Sub-dewpoint processes
ER Claus (WorleyParsons patent)
    Limited applications. Improves Claus recovery by up to 1%
    One plant design currently in detailed engineering
CBA (Cold Bed Absorption)
    Sulphur recovery up to 99.5% possible
    Licensed from Siirtec Nigi
Tail Gas Treatment
BSR/Amine - BSR Section

BSR/Amine – BSR Alternative Design

BSR/Amine - Amine Section

BSR/Amine - Amine Section Alternative Design
Can be considered if a selective amine is used in the upstream Amine Unit

Oxygen Enrichment
Oxygen Enrichment Uses
    For weak acid gases increase the range of the Claus Process .
    Reduces the size of new Sulphur Recovery Units
    Increases the capacity of existing units
    Removes inert nitrogen from gas stream

Methods of Oxygen Supply

Liquid Oxygen (LOx)
– Delivered and vaporized on-site
Oxygen Generators
– Non cryogenic oxygen plant
•  Pressure-swing adsorption (PSA)
•  Vacuum-swing adsorption (VSA)
Cryogenic  plants

Oxygen Volume Dictates Supply Method

Oxygen Enrichment

Simple Enrichment

Maximum Enrichment - Burner Change

Double Combustion
SURE™ Double Combustion process overcomes the temperature limitations allowing pure oxygen to be used for rich acid gases.

Oxygen Enrichment – Double Combustion

SURE™ Double Combustion (Plot Size Limitation)

Projects in Russia