The documents, policies and procedures. 
Documents, policies and procedures.
WorleyParsons – SNE, LLC is the Company, registered and performing its business activities in the Russian Federation. The company in its business activities is governed by the Russian Federation Laws.
The core document, regulating the activity of the Company is its Charter, which was issued in line with the interests of the both participants of the Company.
Besides that, there were issued and are effective policies and procedures in the following areas:
-       financial and accounting policies;
-       HR policies;
-       HSE policies;
-       R3 policies.
All the policies and procedures of the Company were issued in line with the Russian Federation legislation requirements and with a glance to WorleyParsons conception of the business performance. 

SRO Membership.
The company is the member of Self-regulated Organization “Neftegazservice”.
In accordance with the SRO Certificate the Company is entitled to enter into the agreements on organization of works on preparation of FEED documentation for objects of capital construction, on the amount of more than 300 000 000 (Three Hundred Million) Rubles under each agreement.